So the gyms are closed and you can't go out. Why should that stop you from achieving your fitness goals? Because word has it that at-home workouts are in fact better than any other workout there is. To begin with, they’re free. And you can opt for working out in your balcony and experience the best of both worlds: the comfort of your home and the abundance of fresh air.

So let go of those excuses and do this for you. You’ll thank yourself later!

Let’s begin with a warm up. No matter what kind of workout you pick for yourself, always begin with a warm up, because otherwise you risk getting injured. Hence, start with a 15-minute workout to stretch your muscles and get your heart rate up. 

Next in line is the actual workout. We recommend the following 5 exercises because, together, they have been proven to be thorough and comprehensive. They can be performed anywhere and do not need any equipment. 10 reps per session for 3-4 days in a week is ideal.

1. Push-ups are a fast and efficient exercise to develop endurance. While performing this exercise, you’re essentially working up your triceps, pectoral muscles, and shoulders.

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2. Squats increase the lower body and core strength as well as the flexibility of the lower back and hips. Since some of the most massive muscles in the body are engaged while doing squats, they also have a significant calorie-burning effect. A proper squat can strengthen your legs, glutes, and many other muscles, improve your lower body mobility and keep your bones and joints healthy. 

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3. Burpees works almost every muscle in your body including your shoulders, chest, abs, quads, inner thighs, glutes, and triceps. It’s the perfect exercise for improving stamina, burning calories, and muscle-building.

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4. Side Planks are a single workout, which means they work one side of the body at a time and you'll feel it happening, because those muscles work twice to support the whole body. Focus on the mind-muscle bond and guided movements to ensure that this movement is completed.

Side Planks can be performed well with Ultra Top III.

5. Sit-ups are traditional abdominal exercises performed by lying on your back and raising your abdomen. You use your body weight to strengthen and shape your core-stabilizing abdominals.

It is recommended to engage in 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise or 75 minutes of intense aerobic activity each week, along with at least two days of strength training. No matter what the situation, let's pledge to maintain our physical health while strengthening ourselves mentally as well. 

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